• Ivy

Thought love was dead, but now you're changing my mind! ❤️

Dear Lovable heart ♥, My love for you can neither be created nor destroyed. But it will transfer from my heart to your heart. My love for you is directly proportional to your love and affection. My life is like a resistor since you've entered into my life. I'll store your heart in my heart like a capacitor. I need you to amplify my weak signal into strong signal whenever I feel low. I want you to rectify all my problems like a bridge rectifier. I'll convert your goals into my goals like a transducer. I want you to be my Laplace Transforms and I'll be your Fourier Transforms. Let's make Z-Transforms together. Don't ever act like a Stochastic Process, because I can't understand you like Random Variables do. Let's generate happy waves like a Function Generator does. I'll light up your world like a power supply does. My sensitive heart is an operational amplifier which will get destroyed easily. So I need you to protect in your heart. Before you entered in my life I only know 1's and 0's. After you have entered I can't see any numbers other than '143'. You'll always be my first love. You're heart is the costliest electronic chip I've ever known. This song is for you my precious chip. Every time it comes on, I get this sweet desire! I've been saving this for you! Tell me right before it goes down, cause it's true! I've been saving this for you! Cause boy I'll meet you right there and we will ride a rollar coaster! I've been saving this for you! Hold my hand if I get scared now, we will walk through the streets of the city right now! I've been saving this for you! Press your heart close to mine! I found the secret of stopping the time! My head on your chest, tucking hair behind my ears! I've been saving this for you! Giving forehead kisses! You know what? You have those beautiful eyes which I could get lost in! Nothing's permanent, I want us to be! I found the secret of stopping the time!

I need your Love to be continous and my Heart will break if it's Discrete. You'll be my Signal and I'll be your System. You'll be my Transmitter and I'll be your Receiver. You'll be my Source and I'll be your Destination. I want you to accept my current flow through your heart in forward bias. For your every action there will be an equal and opposite reaction. So decision is up to you. I hope you'll accept my input and express your output. One kind request, don't express your output like a Analog CRO, I want you to express your output like a Digital CRO. The faster your output the better will be my reaction. Finally, no gravity can separate my heart from your heart, so let's make up together and make people jealous. With Love, D P.S: When I listen to music, It will always remind us but there is this song which I can relate to! :)

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