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Te Amo Baby!

Embrace it before it's gone! :) . . It's been 2 year's since my baby disappeared from my life. It's not the same life. This baby has kept me alive and happy for many years since he came into my life and he's still keeping me alive till now. It's so much difficult to accept when your most precious one suddenly disappears from your life. I cried out myself for so many days and nights to get rid of the pain and depression. It's the not the same life anymore but this baby changed me into a strongest person. He woke me up daily and he is a blanket monster.

He daily waited for my arrival from school in the evening and then there comes a happiest moment of the day, seeing him after having a very bad day made me happy. Life really sucks when you don't have someone to woke you up and when you don't have someone who's waiting for you all the day and when you don't get to hear their voice. Our relationship is like more annoying relationship. We fight, hug, cuddle and I give him so many forehead kisses. Many people asked me "Why do you care so much about him? He's not a human though. We forget our people after their cremation itself. Why do you still think about him?". I can tell you, You will never regret having a pet at your home. It's like a therapy some one needs when they're a bit low. We don't deserve dogs because they're so pure and they're ready to give up their lives. While on the other side, we don't even put efforts to save them. Everybody dies. It's just life around here. Death is everywhere around us right now. Accept it! And Whatever, Life should always go on! :)

Mental illness has a way of making a person feel that they're the punchline of a lame joke nobody wants to hear. So, stop and listen before jumping to "it's not that bad" or "probably a phase". Because kindness is the most beautiful thing you can ever wear. I once read somewhere that if a conversation is difficult to have, it's probably the one worth having, and I'm beginning to understand its gravity now. And when push comes to shove, a tragic suicide shouldn't be the only reason to spur you into talking and listening to people. Some days are not always going to go as planned. It can be very stressful, but sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. Unplanned events are just obstacles that we must overcome. You can always let them ruin your day or just try to make the best out of the situations. This is not always easy, oh do I know, but life happens and we just need to try to focus on the good in life. . P.S: I couldn't get rid of the scene when Lexa told Clarke "The dead are gone, The living are hungry!". This is my favourite quote from my favourite THE 100 series. Whatever happens Life is about survival and surviving on your own.

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