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Purely Prema! 💘

This song has my heart. I feel like it's written for us. Sometimes music is the only thing that takes your mind off everything else. Every time I listen to this song, I feel us. :) Nee Chitram Choosi, Naa Chittam Chediri! Ne Chittharuvaithi Rayyoo! Inchu Inchu Lona, Ponchi Unna Eedu! Ninne Enchukundi Rayyoo! It is not love at first sight, it's love at first conversation. Which means you feel connected to that person in your first conversation. You feel an instant connection to that stranger then. I don't believe that love can happen in chat or texts, but everything I felt for him on that day was like cupid hit me with precision. I do engage in lots of conversations every day with many people, but this connection is just so different. When you get a good vibe from a person, you won't ignore it. Because vibes don't lie. I've been falling for him since our story began. Sometimes I doubt myself, why this crazy heart of mine chose him. :) Naa Inti Mundhu Rojuu Vesey Mugguni Gundey Meedhane Vesukundunu! Noorelu Aa Chotuu Naakey Ivvu Rayyoo! When you met the love of your life, you won't miss him. Love happens once in a lifetime rest is just life. Come many lives, I will always choose him. If you find that person that loves you and cares for you every day, keep them close. Make sure you never take them for granted, that you always show them your appreciation and love and that you don't let go of this beautiful thing called love over small silly differences. It's not about compromise, but about understanding. Remember 'You should always fight for what you love!' :) Ee Daariloni Gandagolale Mangala Vaayidyaluga! Chuttu Vinipisthunna Ee Allarulevo Mana Pelli Manthraluga! When two people truly endlessly love each other, they should face the obstacles in their way to be with each other. These obstacles are put in your way to test your love to see whether your love is worth fighting for. So when obstacles arise, you change your direction towards your destination, not your decision to reach there. When I see a wedding ceremony or when people invite me to their wedding, I imagine us both inviting our school friends and mutual friends together. I can't wait to see him kissing my forehead after tying the wedding knot. We dream about a fairytale wedding from the time we enter adulthood. To me, it's my childhood. I'm ready to cry out of happiness at that moment. Let me come up with the 'Wedding Ceremony in Utopia' blog. :) Atu Vaipu Neevu Nee Vaipu Nenu! Veseti Adugule Yedu Adugulani! Yedu Janamalaki Yekamai Podama! They say when you find your only one, you will always choose him in every life even after a big fight. The couple that fights the most, is the one that's in love. It shows they care enough to notice that the other one is screwed up and care enough to fix it. When you stop fighting, it means you stopped caring for the other. If someone breaks your heart and if you still feel like holding onto that person that's called love. That's the magic of love. For one minute you feel like giving up your relationship but the very next minute you come back to them. Don't give up because the situation is not ideal. Great relationships aren't great because they don't have any problems. They're great because they care for each other and put in their efforts and make their relationship work for each other. :) Ee Kaalam Kanna, Oka Kshanam Munde, Ne Gelichi Vasthanani! Neeli Meghalanni Pallakiga Malichi Ninu Ooregisthanani!

I feel him saying these words to me. Every second he's away, it will all be worth it someday. So years from now, our past will only be our story. When I look back, I can only see all those lonely nights missing his warm body beside me and those longest days of my life. When he's away, there's this constant pain that reminds always that this heart only beats for him. I'm waiting for that moment to happen soon, when he reaches his goals, fulfills his dream with flying colors. Just like in a fairytale, I'm waiting for that day where he takes me in a palanquin which is made up of clouds. :) Aakasamantha Mana Premalona! Ye Cheekataina Kshana Kaalamantu! Nee Nudhuta Thilakamai Nilichipovalani! He is my blue sky and my endless dream. No matter how dark is the moment, love and hope are always possible. It is only during the darkest times, we can see the light. Let your love be the light of your life. He is the sunshine and moonlight of my darkest clouds. He's like my bindi on my forehead which makes me look more beautiful. It's the little things in life that make life what it is. It's never the big things. :) Entha Chitram Prema! Vintha Veelunama! Raasindi Manaku Premaa! Ninnu Naalo Daachi! Nannu Neelo Vidichi! Vellipommantondi Premaaa! Love is magical. Love doesn't look at any binaries and social rules, it just happens. My love for him is like the rangoli stamp on Google pay. You know how hard it is to find that Rangoli stamp and that's the same thing with love. You never know when it happens and how it happens, when it happens you should embrace it. When it's a long-distance relationship, you can do nothing except living with the hope that we will be with each other someday. We can treasure the moments, look up in the sky and just wish we were together. It hurts. Yes, It's hard. But it's still beautiful. It's still US. It's still LOVE. I love him so much that words can't even express it. :)

P.S: Please find the song here. :)

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