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Meenakshi Sundareshwar - A Match made in Heaven! 💝

It's been a while since I wrote a blog. This one is about a movie which fascinated me. This movie has all my heart. I've been smiling till the end of the movie and that Background music is still playing on my mind. The name "Meenakshi Sundareshwar" defines Meenakshi, a Hindu goddess who is an avatar of Goddess Parvathi, and Sundareshwar who is an avatar of Lord Shiva. Like the title says, the marriage in this movie is truly a match made in Heaven. Meenakshi role was played by Saniya Malhotra. Oh, man! She's so adorable. Her hair is so beautiful. :) And Sundareshwar's role was played by Abhimanyu who turns out to be one of my crushes. Because of him, I'm blushing till the end of the movie. My closest friend has been asking me to watch this movie for many days. Well! I liked the cover in the Netflix app and added it to my watchlist. 🙈 This movie is so sweet and beautiful. I felt so happy after watching this movie because it's been so many days since I watched a feel-good movie. Such a cutesy film, which is about love, long-distance relationships, and new beginnings.

yJQqmcHmiDM movie starts with Sundareshwar's family going for a Matchmaking in Madhurai. They'll be confused searching for the address while the marriage bureau agent's phone number is not reachable. They accidentally arrive at Meenakshi's home and they start discussing, introducing their families. While on the other side, Meenakshi and Sundareshwar start their discussion privately in a room. Up to this scene, this movie reminded me 'Pelli Choopulu' but here the door was not locked. Hahaha, I thought it's a different movie. In this scene, Meenakshi asks Sundar some questions just like in an interview. Meenakshi: Marriage is an institution. An institution of belonging, trust, companionship, and love. Why should we consider you? Sundar: Ma'am, because I'm an engineer. Engineers make the best husbands. Meenakshi: How? Sundar: We don't give up that easily. Be it engineering or relationships, Once decided we always complete it. We're great problem solvers. Once we have an answer, we'll figure out a way to reach there. We're experts in time management. Whether it's studying overnight for exams or impressing a girl on a date. No one can do better than an engineer. Meenakshi: Let's continue the interview to assess your personality and perceptual ability. You get to ask three questions. Sundar: I would like to know about the qualifications and goals of my interviewer. Meenakshi: I recently graduated with BBA. I want to work for a small company where I can make a difference, and I don’t work for a big company where I make no difference. Sundar: (He looks at Rajini Kanth's poster in her room and asks) Are you a fan of Rajinikanth? Meenakshi: Not just Rajini Kanth, but superstar Rajini kanth. I always watch his movie in the premiere. Do you like him too? (If someone asks me the Am I fan of MB, I'll say the same answer 🥰) Sundar: No. Do you like books? Meenakshi: I read something every day before going to bed. What do you like to read? (Ommo! Why every character I like read books 🥺) Sundar: I like to play book cricket. These discussions happen between them and when they came out they'll come to know that they were accidentally landed at the wrong house for matchmaking. The elder decides that it was a match made in heaven by almighty as their names say Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. They get married and this song is made so beautifully. 💝 After their marriage, the story starts. Luckily after his marriage, he gets a job after trying for two years. In two days, he goes to Bangalore to attend his job. In the beginning, he googles everything like "How to make a happy long-distance relationship", "How to make your wife happy in a long-distance relationship". And after another beautiful song, he ends up buying a dress for her and he buys handcuffs for himself. When they decided to play Cop and thief, they get caught by his family unexpectedly. After that, she tries to get a new job for herself. But his dad says she should be teaching his nephew so she loses her job. And everyone will have some friends who say free lectures like these "There are a lot of communication problems in a long-distance relationship. My theory is simple. Don’t let your girlfriend know it’s fun without her." No that's not true, every girl cares about her partner/boyfriend/loved one or whomsoever, she always wants him to be happy wherever he is. The way both make to keep their long-distance relationship healthy is shown so beautifully. Long-distance relationships are difficult. But at the same time, they are special. There are many reasons for arguing, but there are also many ways to agree. With his amazing coding skills, Sundar designs one application through which we can start a conversation with a person after checking their mood status. He comes with this idea because of her beautiful wife. With this application, one can understand loved ones and keep in touch with them. Communication is like oxygen to relationships. Communication problems cause misunderstandings, so to overcome this he comes up with this idea. I think someone should implement this app in real. And finally, he resigns from his job and flew away to Madhurai to speak with Meenakshi in person. He waits at her home but she never comes because it's the first day of Thalaiva's DARBAR movie. The team came up with one song for Thalaiva, which is euphoric. And at the end, when Sundar goes to the movie theatre and watches her smiling and dancing in the theatre. I felt "Everyone should have someone who looks at Meenakshi like Sundar does." Meenakshi: What are you doing? Sundar: Hey! Meenakshi: Why did you come here? Sundar: I want to say what you wanted. There are a lot of communication problems in a long-distance relationship. I am sorry for the complications so far. I know it doesn't help, but I just want to be with you. ****** Kisses ****** This is how God created our bond and Rajinikanth realized it. Meenakshi: Pretty talented, Boss!. Sundar: I finally found a bug in our relationship. So now I will focus on what is important. After all, she is the Thalaiva of my life. If she is there, everything will be sorted. I have decided not to give many spoilers which I already did because I couldn't stop talking about this movie, so please please watch the movie. 😉

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