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Eat Healthy! :) Stay Healthy! :)

Never in my dream, I thought I'll talk about health, healthy food, PCOS or PCOD, Skin, etc. Because most of you know me as a sick person. I might get sick at times but the food I take these days made my immune system stronger than before. Believe me or not, I haven't caught a cold, cough, and fever since COVID-19 came into the picture. I proudly say this to everyone! :) Though, after taking the vaccination for the first time I was down with fever only for one day. And also I spend my whole day with the COVID-affected person, still, I'm not tested positive. I wonder why? Is it COVID too avoiding me? :O I become more anxious sometimes, so I have taken a one-week-long leave to come out of that phase. I lie that I'm sick because no one can understand that you can't work when you're mentally sick. If you're suffering from any physical health issue like fever, cold they'll grant you to take leave. I wish in the future there'll be sick leaves especially for mental health and 5 days leave for women who are on their monthly menstruation period. My anxiousness is due to the pandemic, so I stopped listening to the news, uninstalled many news providing applications on my mobile, unfollowed many pages and accounts which are giving live COVID updates on Instagram, and muted many people in WhatsApp too. I'll put my mental health first above all, above everyone in my life. If a situation is disturbing to me, I'll come no matter who is in the situation. People can wait, things can wait honey! But not your health especially mental health. :)

Let me share how my daily routine goes! I woke up at 8:40-9:10 am because I sleep at 1 am which I should set right. I don't set an alarm but I woke up without any interruption or noise. I don't understand why I'm up at that particular time. I make sure to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep daily. If I get sleepless at night, it will for sure affect my routine the next day. I keep on shouting at my Mom, complaining about people in my life, and becoming more anxious. I observed this pattern and tried to sleep 7-9 hrs every day at the same time and this worked well. Sleeping daily at one particular time helps in recovering from PCOS. :)

You shouldn't watch your screen after you woke up, that's a very BAD BAD HABIT. Try not to stare at the blue screen, after you woke up. I will check my notifications after half an hour (I should make it one hour) and after that, I'll proceed with my Nature calls. I follow a normal diet but with no sugar in my food. I'm a fan of sugar and used to eat more sweets. But when you eat more sweets, honey, it will reflect on your face and skin. So I say no to sugar. If you wanna reduce the intake of sugar in your routine, start reducing it slowly and not at a time. After having breakfast, I'll drink one herbal Tea which is made by Tea trunk. :)

I'm providing you the link to buy it, and I'm posting the review here, which I posted on the page after I used it for a month.

Here is my review after a month. I'm still drinking this tea, twice a day daily.

I didn't see any side effects. This tea reduced cysts I have due to PCOS. I got my ultrasound scan in December and found that my PCOS is getting reduced and the results showed positive. I suggested this tea to a few people and I don't know whether it's working for them or not. But to me, it's working and for people who are suffering from menopause, PCOS can go for it! This tea also reduced my mood swings. After drinking this tea, I will wash my face with the face wash suggested by my dermatologist. Apply Vitamin C serum, Vitamin E moisturizer, Sunscreen (Sunscreen is must honey! ;)), and Seba med Lip Balm which has SPF. :) If you're having any skin-related or hormonal imbalance issues, I suggest you consult a doctor rather than using lots of creams on your face. Treatment from one Dermatologist or Gynaecologist, which worked on you, might not work for another. You can change your doctor if you want to. Listen to what your body says and get proper treatment. I got my health checked with only one General Physician, one Gynaecologist, and four Dermatologists. My skin started improving slightly when I'm consulting the third dermatologist and to see more improvement I changed my dermatologist. I love my skin every day but now I'm in love with its texture. I saw the changes and glow in few days after the medication. My skin became so soft and hydrated. I took some herbal supplements last year, it didn't show the expected results so I stopped using the herbal products and started seeing a dermatologist. I will always keep myself reminded that I should drink 2.5 litres of water a day. Drinking lots of water will keep you hydrated, flush out toxins in your body and improve your skin texture as you already know. Water doesn't give a glow to your face, but it will reduce acne and give your face a plumpy look. I'll log in at 10:30 am on the weekdays and I'll take a lunch break around 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm. Please try to maintain a regular time when it comes to your food. You don't need to set alarms, once you're used to the timings your tummy will remind you the time to take food in a day. I will take one healthy skin gummy post-meal and eat a banana or fruit if available at home. But it's good to have fruit before your meal. I'll have my snack at 4:00 pm with Tea Trunk Spearmint leaves tea. At 4:30 pm, I'll do walking every day for one hour which counts 5000 steps i.e, 2.5km. Don't forget to apply sunscreen and lip balm when you go out. After that, I do Suryanamaskar (12 Cycles which means 24 sets) for 20mins. I decided to slowly increase the count and make it to 101 sets daily. I take my bath, apply moisturizer and do meditation for 10-15 mins. After that, I'll engage myself with something that makes me happy. I say my me-time is from 7:00 pm-midnight. I won't allow any calls during this time. ;) I will have my dinner before 8:00 pm or 9:00 pm, take meds and brush my teeth before 10:30 pm. I will complete my night care routine with one serum and cream which reduced pigmentation on my face. l reply to the texts and after that I'll read an e-book on the kindle. After that, I'll put myself to sleep. This is how my daily routine goes and these small changes made me more happy, beautiful, and healthy. :) In 2021, I fell in love with me, myself, and I. Now I'm falling in love with MEEE again and always. Work on yourself and try to make your routine fun.

I will share a few more tips that I did to make my day more funny and interesting.

  • Cut the clutter. - Don't engage yourself with unnecessary tasks. Try not to waste your time and do things that will make you happy. :)

  • Laugh your head off. - Start your routine with something which makes you happy. I'll start my day reading fin shots articles (I appreciate my friend who shares this kind of article with me) or listening to songs while brushing my teeth. If you want to be conscious, just concentrate on what you do. I'll always listen to music while doing any work. :)

  • Sing in the shower. - I'm a good singer but nobody knows how much I'm pretty good at singing in the shower. :)

  • Dance like no one's watching. - No body's perfect at dancing, so try it. It's fun. I miss myself so much when I don't get time to dance in a day. :)

  • Listen to instrumental songs. - Whatever mood you're in, try not to listen to lyrical songs. Try to listen to instrumental songs to avoid lyrics. If you want I can share a playlist. :)

  • Challenge yourself. - I will always keep challenges and tasks to get my work done on time. I downloaded applications like Habitus on my mobile to get track of my habits and challenges. :)

  • Record your voice. - I have a friend who sends recorded songs which has his voice. And so do I! I record the song and send these recorded songs to him. That's one kind of happiness. :)

  • Draw like an artist. - Though you are not an artist, try to draw what's on your mind. Put that chatter in your mind on paper. :)

  • Read like a nerd. - Recently I saw one post on Instagram, which says "Books are curious objects. They have the power to trap, transport, and even transform you if you're lucky!" True that! And you're luckier if you have someone in your life who sends you a particular page while they're reading a book. :) If you are preparing for any exam or decided to give any competitive exam, start reading novels or comics through which you can develop an interest in your exam preparation.

  • Go Green. - I'm not a plant lover though, but these days post-workout I am drinking a juice adding carrot, beetroot, amla, coriander, mint, cucumber, spinach, and honey. I thought instead of buying these vegetables, why can't I have the greens at my home. The very next day, I brought these seeds and seeds of kale, lettuce.

  • Take a protein Laddoo in a day. - I made my own recipe for making this laddoo. This one consists of sesame seeds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, sunflower seeds, and added jaggery for taste purposes. After eating this daily, I saw improvement in my skin texture and also saw baby hair on my forehead.

This is what worked for me. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or message. If I know anything concerning your query, I am ready to provide you with information. Thank you for spending your time reading the my-routine blog. Stay hydrated and keep your mask up. Stay Healthy! :)

I forgot to share why plastic is the main cause of PCOS. Please check this link. Replace your daily used plastic items with steel. Don't take hot and fried foods. :)

P.S: I will share with you more information regarding the menstrual cycle, fertility, and how to Supercharge Your Sex Drive. I will post it after reading "Woman CODE" by Alisa Vitti. :)

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